September 24, 2019

Suzy Batiz and Harmon Brothers

Suzy Batiz’ Resonance Radar

Suzy Batiz launched Poo Pourri after two, yes two bankruptcies.

In this talk below she reflects on why this idea worked, when her other ideas didn’t, the ones she created by her “logical mind”.

She had the weird insight to check with a cellular biologist if “ideas are alive”. At 12:15 she talks about dissonance and resonance based on that insight and has made this “Resonance Radar” as a framework to use energy as a tool for decision making.

There is some relationship of riding this energy wave with BJ Fogg’s Motivation Wave

The synthesis of brand advertising and infomercials

Also, Poo Pourri launched with this crazy viral video.

What is more interesting is the folks behind this (and other videos) have a damn cool playbook on how to craft these videos which they call the fusing of infomercials and branding:

They have removed this from their main site, but you can see it on Wayback Machine.

Here is how they pick brands: